Lady Liberty, “Now You Have Them; Now You Don’t”

A friend posted a photo of Lady Liberty on Facebook the other day. She said we need to vote in all the U.S. elections. Yes, we do, because women’s rights are being taken away one issue at a time. When Lady Liberty came to America in 1881, women could not

inherit from their fathers,

own land,

use birth control,

enter universities,

have bank accounts,

have abortions,

and lost all independence when they married.

Since 1881 women in the U.S. have gained the right for all of these issues. Now you have them; now you don’t.

Now we are losing all these rights, one by one by one. And you say, well, not all, of them.

If you believe for one minute that androgynous, chauvinistic, men will stop their subjugation of women with the major issues, think again. They will continue to subvert women until they have full control of minds and bodies. If you need a defining model, read Handmaiden’s Tale by Margaret Atwood or watch the well adapted series on t.v.


Truth can be stranger than fiction.