My Favorite Reads

“Even now” by Mary Oliver in The Leaf and the Cloud

even now

I remember something

The way a flower 

In a jar of water

Remembers its life

in the perfect garden

the way a flower

in a jar of water

remembers its life 

as a closed seed

the way a flower

in a jar of water

steadies itself 

remembering itself

long ago

the plunging roots

the gravel the ain

the glossy stem

the wings of the leaves

the swords of the leaves

rising and clashing

for the rose of the sun

the salt of the stars 

the crown of the wind

the beds of the clouds

the blue dream

Woman and Divine Spark


Character Catarina da Vinci:


I stared into the fire as I spoke. ‘Every female who is born into this life, no matter her station, can be called courageous as long as she keeps a part of her soul private and intact. Outwardly she may be a downtrodden daughter or wife, scolded or beaten by father or husband, suffer the agonies of childbirth. She can be preached to of hellfire and damnation by her priest, her body abused by ignorant women-loathing physicians. But as long as a tiny seed of self-consciousness lives within her …’


‘The divine spark,’ Bianca said, grasping my other hand, tears welling in her eyes.


Robin Maxwell

Signoria da Vinvi

New American Library, Penguin Group


New York. NY