Discovery to Recovery

Is there anything in our lives as permanent as a tattoo? Once we have one on our bodies, it is difficult to get rid of it. We can cover it up with another tattoo or take them off surgically.

Deep within we have a “Self,” and that Self is tattooed by our life experiences. Some of those “tattoos” are life affirming and beautiful. Others are destructive and ugly. How do we get rid of the ugly tattoos within?

Unlike surgical removal of a tat we can never cut out the ugly within. What we have to do is transform it into something beautiful and affirming. There are many ways to transform our Self and become a healthier, happier person.

If you choose to change, it will be the beginning of a journey of discovery. There are more books, podcasts, and blogs than any of us could ever watch or read in our lifetimes. The caring people who produce these resources care deeply about helping you along this path of discovery to recovery. Take your first step today.