Pleas for a Better World

All around us we see the decorations of this holiday season. Most of it is commercial trappings, but some of it is the decorations our neighbors and we put up every year. From outside lights and decorations to Christmas trees and stockings.
This year my sister bought white lights and strung them across the plants on my patio and put some on my indoor ficus tree. I haven’t celebrated or decorated for many years because I saw first hand the inequities racism brings to the southside of Chicago. There are blocks of homes which Santa never visits and where Christmas dinner is little more than an extra helping of mashed potatoes with no meat at all.
I may have Christmas dinner with friends, but all during the day I send silent requests for our world to change into a better, more caring place. And along with those silent requests, I send silent gratitude for the potential our interconnected lives have. There is so much potential for us and our earth if only grace would replace greed and love replace fear.
Begin your silent pleas for a better world today. I will, and as one religious person has suggested to us, let the pleas be prayers and let us pray unceasingly. I will.