Come to the Plaza on Sunday

All the hard-working locals; Guadalajara’s wealthy and becoming;

the settlers from Canada, Europe, United States; tourists. There is

always Mexican, Argentine, and other Latinx foods. There’s the

taco stand and the hamburger truck! Handmade jewelry, rugs,

leather goods, beautiful, glass mosaics, local grown coffee.

On any given Sunday there could be art exhibits, Mariachi

bands, a carnival with Mexicans from another state who

travel and sell their unique handcrafted pottery, rugs, clothes, foods. 

You may see Indigenous people celebrating Earth 

Day with activists from all over Jalisco. I’ve seen a parade of

Mexicans dressed in the clothes of Argentina, Sweden,

Australia, England, Spain, Canada, Brazil, and United States,

celebrating  International Day.

Celebrations at the Plaza

Of course, my favorite parades are the ones with children.

Here you see them all dressed up for the Day of the Dead celebrations. 

School Children in Day of Dead Parade

There is always something interesting. It is a day for talking,

dancing, smiling, laughing with each other, and a time

to share with the Mexicans their delight in the world in which

they live. It is a time to show you love their world

as much as they do. 

Come to the plaza on Sunday